Asus Router Firmware Upgrade

How to upgrade the firmware of the Asus router?

The Asus wireless router does an excellent job of protecting you from online criminals. However, hackers all over the world are constantly looking for new ways to steal your internet, and the only way to keep up is to upgrade your Asus router firmware upgrade. In this blog, we’ll show you how to upgrade the firmware on your Asus router on your own by following a few simple steps.

But before we get into the process for updating the firmware on your Asus wireless router, let’s define firmware and why you might wish to do so.

How to update the firmware of asus router?

In order to update the firmware of asus router you need t follow these steps:

Use a cable or wireless connection to connect to your Asus router. Open any web browser and navigate to the Asus router’s default web address, If it doesn’t work, try entering in the IP address of your Asus router: Now, use your router’s administrative credentials to log in. Log in with the default login credentials if you haven’t changed them (Username and password.)
Default username: admin
Default password:admin

To prevent your router from being hacked, update the default username and password. After login in, go to ‘Advanced settings,’ then ‘Administration,’ and finally ‘System,’ and enter the new username and password.

Locate the Firmware upgrade section:

The firmware part can be found on the Asus router configuration page. Go to ‘Advanced settings,’ then ‘Administration,’ then ‘Firmware update.’ If a new firmware version is available, the Firmware Update screen will tell you. Install the new firmware if it is available; click ‘Firmware Upgrade.’ The latest firmware will be installed and your Asus router will reboot.

You can update the asus router firmware using this method also:

  • From the Asus website, download the most recent version of your router.
  • Unzip the downloaded file once it has finished downloading.
  • Type the default web URL into your browser to go to the Asus settings page. Enter the username and password for your router and press Enter.’
  • Click the firmware version link on the configuration screen. Select ‘Choose file’ from the drop-down menu.
  • Click the ‘Open’ option after selecting the firmware file that was downloaded. Finally, select the ‘Update’ option.
  • Finally, wait a few seconds for the upgrade to complete.
  • When the firmware upgrade is complete, click ‘Finish.’
    After you’ve finished updating the firmware on your Asus router, try restoring the factory default settings.

Updates to the firmware on your Asus router will protect you from unauthorized third parties. It safeguards you against viruses, command and control, Trojans, malware, and hackers, among other threats. Updating the firmware on your Asus router will enhance performance and, if necessary, address issues. It will help improve your router’s overall speed and performance. Use one of the two techniques to upgrade the firmware on your Asus wireless router.

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