Asus Router Reset

Asus router reset can be done in two ways:

Hard reset
Soft reset

Soft reset for Asus router:

  • To begin, use the same procedure as before to access the Asus router‘s admin page.
  • Go to Administration, then click on Reset Your Asus Router after the setup screen has opened.
  • The reset process will then begin and end automatically.
  • After it’s finished, you can use the default login and password to re-configure the router.

Hard reset for asus router:

You’ll need a paper clip or a pin for this procedure.
After that, Locate the reset hole on the router. The reset holes are usually found on the back of the router.
After that, take a pin in your palm and see whether it can fit into the hole. Now insert the pin into the hole and hold it there for 10 to 30 seconds before removing it.
The reset procedure is also useful if you have forgotten your Asus router’s password.
If you forget your password and try to access the home page using the default one, you will receive an access forbidden error message.
The default username and password for any router can be easily found on the internet.

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