Dlink Router Setup

D-link router setup necessitates access to a web-based setup wizard created exclusively for D-link wifi router setup and wireless connection settings. The dlink setup process automatically begins when users log into the d-link router’s Web GUI for the first time through dlinkrouter.local. Its primary purpose is to walk you through every stage of the D-link router setup process. It also enables the establishment and configuration of internet connections as well as wireless settings to connect to the Internet.

D-Link Router may be set up in a matter of minutes, and once you’ve arranged and installed the router, your Wi-Fi connection will be restored. Then you’ll be ready to connect to the internet via D-Link Router. Make sure the ethernet cable connects to the modem or an active data jack connects to the ethernet cable in the rear of your router before continuing.

  • At first, turn on your DLink Router and connect your PC to it via an Ethernet cable or WiFi.
  • Then open a web browser and go to or after connecting your computer to the same network. (The default gateway address varies by kind.)
  • Then a login page will appear. The default login is admin, and there is no need to fill in the password field. Log in by clicking the Login button.
  • Using the Internet Connection Setup Wizard, you can now configure and set up your router.
  • Under Wireless Setup, type SSID (Wifi Name) and Key (Password).
  • Then select DHCP/PPPoE/Static from the Connect category under Wireless Setup (you may want to check with your ISP about the four internet connections and the required items).
  • After you’ve configured your internet connection, click Save and Connect to have the router connect to the Internet.
  • You may then go to Wireless Settings and configure your Wi-Fi Network, including its SSID and password.

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