Linksys Extender Password

Myrouter.local is the key to make any changes, access the administrative page, reset the settings, etc. Besides all these basic settings, you can use www.myrouter.local to change the router password. You can reset the password also. Simply follow these steps in order to change the password of your router:

Step 1: First of all make sure that the router is power on. Now connect a computer to your router using an ethernet cable, in order to make settings or changes to your router.

Step 2: Then, check the LED light of the ethernet cable connection with the computer is on. Now, you need to type the default login URL to access the login page i.e. myrouter.local.

Step 3: In the address bar of your web browser type www.myrouter.local. It will take you to another page asking for a username and password for accessing the admin page. When you type www.myrouter.local or in the address bar, it will ask to fill in the username and password, and press enter.

Step 4: Once you log in and access the admin page successfully, then choose the administrator option and click on the management section.

Step 5: then, it will show you the password option click on that. Type the password you want to choose and click on save.
You have successfully changed the password.

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