Linksys extender setup

How to install Linksys WiFi range extender?

Step 1: At first, start with the linking of the power cable. And verify all the antennas linked with the range extender. To obtain the best signal, lay its incorrect position.
Step 2: Then, search for a location to keep Extender. You can place it somewhere at the place where or near that you want wifi signals or where is a shortage of wifi network.
Step 3: After keeping it incorrect place, verify the LED lights. Now link your system with the Extender and go to Linksys Extender Setup. If the setup doesn’t begin automatically, then search Then continue to set up the Linksys Extender.

Setup Extender from Manual Configuration

Step 1: Link your system with the Wi-Fi extender. You can link with an Ethernet cable also.
Step 2: Then type as the IP address of the Linksys extender setup. Or search
Step 3: Now provide the default login details. When the Linksys Extender login procedure completes successfully then you can open the Extender setup page of Linksys.
Step 4: Then select the Wireless alternative. Then tap on the basic wireless setting alternative. Please choose the radio option for manual setup.
Step 5: If you are configuring the network of your house, type SSID name. This is a necessary step to fulfill the procedure of Linksys Extender setup re6700.
Step 6: For the security of your Linksys Wireless extender, provide the security measures. Fill in the password and tap on save for changed router settings.

Use Wi-Fi Protected Setup to Configure Linksys Range Extender

You can also set up Linksys Extender with Wi-Fi/ Wireless Protected Setup. You can link all devices during the setting up process of the Extender. Visit the administrative page, tap on Wi-Fi Protected Setup:
Step 1: Then select the Click button. A small window will be displayed, wait for it.
Step 2: Now push and Wi-Fi Protected Setup button available on Linksys router.
Step 3: The LED light of the router will then be stable while the connectivity starts.

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