Linksys Router Connectivity Issues

Dropping wireless network:

Reasons for dropping wireless network:

Intermittent or dropped wireless connections between your Linksys router and your PC might be caused by a variety of circumstances. The following is a list of the most common causes of sporadic wireless connectivity:

  • Your wireless router’s signal quality is poor.
  • The network’s proper MTU size has yet to be determined.
  • Interference from other wireless devices on the same frequency
  • Physical impediments
  • Router and adapter settings that aren’t compatible
  • The driver for the computer adapter must be updated.
  • A power outage has occurred.

Unable to connect to wireless network:

Linksys routers are designed to give your home network a smooth wireless experience. Wireless connections and performance may be hampered, however, because obstructions are unavoidable and security settings are occasionally incompatible. The common elements that affect wireless connection and network performance are listed below.

Distance from the wireless router:

Make sure your PC is within range of the router’s wireless network to ensure stable wireless connections. Due to interference from nearby wireless devices such as cordless phones and microwave ovens, computers may have trouble connecting to wireless networks. Changing the channel of your router is suggested to avoid wireless interference.

Incorrect wireless key/password:

A WEP, WPATM Personal, or WPA2TM Personal security key or pass is required to connect to a secured wireless network. If you’ve updated your router’s wifi settings, you can get this problem. Check your router’s wireless security settings to avoid this, or if you’re not sure what your wireless key or password is. Click here to find out how to do it. You can also try deleting or forgetting your favourite networks or wireless network profiles.

WPA2 Personal is not compatible with all wireless adapters. Check to see if your adapter and PC are compliant with the router’s wireless security.

Outdated adapter drivers

If the drivers for your wireless adapter are up to current, it will function better. Compatibility of the wireless adapter with Wireless-AC, N, G, A, or B standards should also be considered. For a complete list of your wireless adapter’s specifications, contact the manufacturer. You can also see if any additional wireless devices on the network are connected. If all other devices on the network have strong wireless connections, the router should be ok. myrouter.local

QUICK TIP: If you’re having trouble with wireless connections, try connecting your computer or other wireless devices to different wireless networks (coffee shop WiFi, etc.)

Wireless MAC Address Filtering enabled on the router:

Wireless MAC Filter is a feature found on most Linksys routers. This restricts the number of wireless clients who are permitted or denied access to the network. Log in to the Web GUI and select Wi-Fi Setting à MAC Filtering to control the Wireless MAC Filtering functionality on a Linksys Smart Wi-Fi router.

Outdated router firmware:

Firmware updates fix bug issues on a router.  If all of your wireless computers and devices are having problems connecting to the wireless network, you may need to update the router’s firmware.

Network name not listed in Available networks:

Make sure your Router is turned on and that the front-panel light is solid white.
If you’re a long way from the Router, try stepping closer to check if you were out of range.
Visit http://router/ using a computer connected to the Router through a network connection and make sure “Broadcast SSID” is turned on. On the “Channel and SSID” page, you’ll find this option.

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