Nighthawk Router Login

How to log in to your nighthawk router?

Those who own a Netgear router service must be familiar with the link. In the case when you are Netgear router service customers but don’t know about this link, then do read this article. It is going to be helpful to you in managing your router service. Netgear is a multinational company that is popular for manufacturing one of
the best Networking devices. They own two links that are and These two links are helpful for Netgear customers in operating their Netgear Wireless router service.

Often customers forget the login credentials. of their routers. In the case when you want to change your router’s settings or do some admin work, you need to first log in to your broadband router. In order to log in to your router, there is a requirement for the internal IP address. But in the case when you forget or don’t know the IP address of your router, these links, and will help you.
Most of the Netgear home routers are configured with these links. So when you use any of these links inside a home network, your Netgear router will recognize it and will take you to the home screen for your router.

How To login to nighthawk router?

Given below are the steps to use
1] First connect your PC or mobile device with your router’s network.
2] Now open any web browser on your system. 
3] Visit or 
4] Now fill in the Username and password for your Netgear home router. The default username for the Netgear routers is admin and the default password for all the Netgear routers is password. 
Note: In the case when you changed the default settings, enter that information instead.     
5] This will open the home screen for your router. 

This way the link helps in managing and operating the Netgear’s home router service

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