Nighthawk Router Password

Forgot the Nighthawk Router Password, How to retrieve it?

Nowadays we log on to hundreds of digital platforms all of which have login credentials be it for online payment, online stores, social media, etc memorizing so many passwords we might tend to forget sometimes. But the webpage helps to retrieve login information for connecting to Netgear Router.

Password recovery is a feature Netgear provides to retrieve forgotten router passwords at After changing the admin password on your router there are chances that we tend to forget this set password so instead of resetting the whole login details the password can just be recovered. To recover the lost password, you should have previously enabled the password recovery option for your account. Then, enter the serial number of the Router and answer two previously set security questions, and recover the password in just a few minutes.

Here are a few simple steps to follow at to recover the lost password:

  • Open any web browser, and enter or in the address bar. A login page appears. We need not fill in any details in the username and password just directly select the CANCEL option. On clicking the button, the Netgear Router password recovery page displays.
  • First of all, you need to enter the serial number of your router. To find the serial number overturn the router, there is a label on the back where you can find the serial number, a combination of alphabets and numbers. Enter this number in the space provided and Select the CONTINUE option.
  • Then, on the Next page answer the two previously set security questions. and click on CONTINUE
    NOTE: If you don’t get the answer then follow the steps for factory reset.
    If all the details entered are correct then the recovered password displays on the window. You can use this to log in to your router.

How to change the password of Nighthawk Router?

Netgear router has a default username and password already set up for the WiFi connection which can be used by different devices to get access to the internet. Though you can’t change the username, can change the password. The default passwords for routers are Well-Known and anyone staying near the house can log in, getting access to the internet. The default password for Netgear routers is very common and you can change it easily with to avoid unauthorized access to the WiFi connection.

If the passwords are not changed then it becomes easy for Hackers to log in with the default password not only hack your WiFi connection but also gain access to the connected devices. People can perform illegal downloads and all the crime comes on the Internet service provider(ISP), Malware can spread by any device in the network and internet speed slows down significantly. To avoid all these risks, Netgear recommends logging on to the settings of to change Netgear Router‘s easy and predictable default password to avoid WiFi connection with unknown devices.

These are the steps to follows on to change admin password Nighthawk Router:

  • Open a web browser on the device that is connected to the router. Then, type in the address bar.
  • The login page appears, enter the Router’s username and password and Click On Log In.
    Note: The user name is admin and the default password is password. You can change the password. The Home page displays on the upper left corner select the ADVANCED tab.
  • Then, select the Administration tab on the left side, under it select a Set password.
  • Set password window appears, enter the current password and New password. Confirm the new
    password. Enable the “Password Recovery” option and fill in two security questions for the recovery of passwords
    in the future. After setting up the password the login page appears again, enter the username and new password, and click on Login. The home page reappears.
    The password changed successfully.

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