Nighthawk Router Reset

How to reset a Nighthawk Router?

If you have a NETGEAR router, you must have face problems like a low internet network or any other malfunctioning. If you are facing any such issues, instead of throwing your NETGEAR router in the dustbin, we recommend you first reset your router device. Also, many times, we face a situation where we forget our password. Though it is possible to change the password in the case when you don’t even have the information required to change the password, you will have to reset the router device. Sometimes, when you buy some second-hand router and not having any information related to the router or want to change the setting to default, there is a need to reset the router.  In this guide, we present you step by step guide to reset your router and again use it as a new one. So let’s get started.

Reset your Nighthawk Router to default:

Resetting the NETGEAR router might improve the performance and will reset the router devise to default. 
Note: Factory resetting the router will delete all the configuration settings that you have made. Before resetting your router device, keep the following things in your mind. These are:  

  • Once you reset the router device, it will reset all the settings to default and will delete the changes that you have made.  After resetting, the username and password will change to default. We recommend you change these settings as early as possible for security purposes. 
  • Sometimes, an outdated router leads to poor coverage and bad network connection. It is a good idea to keep your NETGEAR router updated every time. You can either update your router before a reset or after a reset. We recommend updating your NETGEAR router before resetting it. As with the update, the network problem might get solved, and then you will no longer need to reset the router. This will reduce your efforts in making the same changes in the settings again.  In the case when you have to reset the router or you have made your mind to
    reset the NETGEAR router, here is the tutorial to help you. 
  • First, provide a proper power supply to the NETGEAR router using a power cable. Make sure that your device is getting the proper power supply. Now search for the Small RESET button generally present in the backside of the router. Mostly the RESET button is present in some depressed pinhole. It is so to prevent accidental press of the RESET button. 
  • Using some pin or any other narrow long object, press the REST button for sometime around 10 seconds. Once you release the RESET button, the device will automatically reset to the default.
  • Now you can log in to the admin panel using the default user name and password. By default, most of the NETGEAR router has ADMIN as username and PASSWORD as password.         
  • In order to access the admin panel, visit or Fill in the default credentials. Now you are on the admin page. Change the setting in the way you want. 
    This article helps you accessing your NETGEAR router

A factory reset clears all of your Netgear router’s specific settings, including user name, password, WiFi network name (SSID), and other Wi-Fi security settings. When you can’t remember your login password, you’ll need to perform a factory reset. You can reset your Netgear router in two methods. You can either use the Netgear Nighthawk router Login page ( or or the reset button on your Netgear router to reset it.

After enabling the password recovery feature, you may quickly recover your admin password by following a few simple steps.

Using the router reset button, reset your Netgear router.

  • Make sure the power light on your Netgear router is turned on.
  • Locate the Restore Factory Settings or Reset button on the back of your router.
  • Using a paper clip, press the reset button.
  • Release the button, and it will default to Reset or Restore Factory Settings.
  • The router will begin to reboot. Allow a few minutes to pass.
  • Your router will be reset.
  • Visit Netgear Nighthawk router Login to check the status of the most recent version of your router. can be used to reset a Netgear router. Login page for Netgear

  1. During the reset procedure, do not hit any buttons on your device.
  2. For a few minutes, all wireless devices will be turned off.
  3. You may need to reconnect all of your wireless devices in some circumstances.
  • To begin, open a new tab in your web browser.
  • To reach the Netgear Nighthawk router login page, type or and press enter.
  • The login page for the router appears on your screen.
  • Please enter admin as the username and password in the password area on the Netgear login screen. Both the username and password are written in lowercase letters.
  • The Netgear Nighthawk router Login dashboard will now be used.
  • Advanced>Router information can be found by going to Advanced>Router information.
  • Select the Reboot option.
  • Now wait a few moments.
  • The operation of resetting the Netgear router is now complete.

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