Secure A Linksys Wireless Router With A Password?

To secure your Linksys wireless router with a password, you must first ensure that your PC is connected. Take an Ethernet cable and attach it to your Linksys router to finish this. Although you can do this setup wirelessly, you will experience disconnection while doing so.

To Secure Your Router Follow The Below-Given Steps-

1-First, turn on your computer by connecting it directly to the LAN port of your router. After you’ve completed this step, go ahead and open your web browser.

2-Clear the Address Bar after you’ve initialized the web browser. In the Address Bar, type Now press your keyboard’s Enter key and wait for the browser to respond.

3-Now you’ll be prompted for a USERNAME and PASSWORD; for the password, type admin and leave the username blank. Once you’ve finished, press enter.

4-After you’ve completed the third step, you’ll see a screen with Linksys interface administration. Now, on the top left of the screen, click the Wireless button. You can use the diagram provided below to assist you.

5-After clicking the wireless tab, you’ll get the screen below, which includes a manual button for setting up WiFi security. However, if you’re using an earlier Linksys router, you won’t need to complete this step.

6-Now you must alter the Network Name (SSID) to your preference; once you have done so, save your SSID name by clicking on “Save Settings.” After this step, you will be unplugged from the wireless setup. You must now reconnect using the new SSID name.

7-After completing step 6, return to the same screen and select the “wireless security” tab. You must choose a security mode on this page. You can choose between WPA/WPA2 Mixed mode and WPA/WPA2. If you have the latest version of the Linksys Wireless router, you should use WPA security mode instead of WEP. Then, under WPA personal, select TKIP encryption mode.

Now choose between 8 and 63 alphanumeric characters for your password. You have the option of customizing your passcode. Once you’ve decided on a password, click the “Save Setting” button to save all of your preferences.

8-Now that you’ve completed the above procedures, your Linksys wireless router is secure and will transmit secure wireless connectivity. Anyone who wants to use your wireless network now must enter the password. If you’re still having difficulties solving the problem, you can use third-party software to protect your wireless network. These third-party software programs are intended to guard against any malicious activity or attack.