TP-Link router firmware

Sometimes you face issues with your router are due to the existing firmware of the router, and you can resolve those issues with the firmware update. you can upgrade the firmware of your router on a regular basis to get the recent updates of your router. You can simply update the firmware of your TP-Link router by accessing If you reset your TP-Link router to the default settings by pressing the reset button present on your router, a firmware update appears on the bottom of the setting page within a few seconds. Tplink router firmware update can be done with the Tether app or you can update it manually as well.

Sometimes, when you try to update the firmware of your TP-Link router, it doesn’t get completed or failed while processing. You should remember the following things to avoid update failures. You have to confirm the firmware version of your device before starting the firmware upgrade. The wrong update of firmware can damage your router. While the update of the firmware of your router is in process, always keep in mind not to switch off the power of your router. If you do so, it can damage your router permanently. During the firmware upgrade process try to avoid disconnection in internet connectivity, it can also create problems. It is recommended to the users to disable all internet programs on their computer. It is also recommended to use decompression tools like WinZIP or WinRAR to extract the firmware prior to the updating process.

Follow these steps:

  • Download the latest update for your router. Go to the download center for your region on the TP-Link website. Choose the plunge for your TP-Link router as well. Select the exact hardware model and then Firmware. A list of firmware will be shown.
  • By unzipping the downloaded zip file, you can remove the Firmware.
  • Log in to the TP-Link multilayer device’s web management tab.
  • To locate and open the withdrawn firmware file, go to System Tools-Firmware Update, then select File.
  • By pressing the Upgrade button, you can upgrade your firmware. The system will reboot automatically once the update is complete.
  • By clicking Status, you can see if the router’s firmware has been modified or not.
  • Your router’s factory settings can be recovered with a few firmware updates. If this is the case, use the Fast Setup Wizard to easily reconfigure your TP-Link router.

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