Tplink Extenders offer a web interface called that assists in configuring the extender and setting up the extended network. The web interface for these extenders ( is as straightforward as it gets, allowing the user to set up and use the network with ease.

The Tplink Repeater is one of the best range tplink extenders on the market right now. Many clients are attracted to its low pricing and simple design, and their top-of-the-line hardware delivers a stable network extension. Tplink offers wireless repeaters to meet a variety of residential and corporate networking requirements. RE 500 AC1900, RE450 AC1750, RE305 AC1200, RE200 AC750, and others are some of the most popular versions. They not only give a tremendous range extension, but they also look nice doing it. Their straightforward design complements any type of decor in the house or office.

How to setup a tplink range extender with

Start your browser on your desktop and type in the following after you’ve connected the TP-Link Extender to the power outlet and the device.

In the search field, type If it doesn’t work, try this. is the URL.

The TP-Link website will appear in the window.

Select Quick Setup and then touch Next.

Select your region and then click Next.

Allow the TP-Link extension to search wireless networks now. This could take some time.

(about 2 minutes), based on the number of networks in your immediate vicinity.

Select your wireless network from the list of options and click Next.

When the system prompts you for your WiFi password, type it in.

Touch on ‘Copy from the primary router’ if you just want one extended wireless network; if you want to create a new network, tap on ‘Customize.’ Then press the Next button.
Simply double-check and examine your network settings, then click ‘Finish’ if everything appears to be in order.
Check the Signal LED on the Extender. If it’s turned on, you’ve finished configuring the tplink extender.

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