Tplink Repeater Password

How to change the tplink repeater username and password?

Unauthorized users will never be able to access the user’s network this way:

  • To reach the admin login page, first, go to in any internet browser.
  • Then, in the fields provided, type in the default username and password.
    admin is the user name.
    admin is the password.
  • Then, under the navigation bar on the left side of the screen, select System Tools. Now select Password from the drop-down menu.
  • In the username and password fields, type admin.
  • Now, in the appropriate areas, type in the new username and password. Also, confirm the new password.
  • Make sure the new password is extremely difficult to guess. It makes it difficult for others to guess. Also, don’t tell anyone your password.
  • Select the option to Save. You have been logged out.
  • Finally, use the new username and password to reconnect to the wireless network.

The TP-Link wireless network’s default username and password have now been correctly changed. You can now use the new credentials to connect your devices to your tplinkrepeater.

Note: Make sure the username doesn’t have any password hints or other sensitive information in it. Nearby devices can see the username.
Do not reveal the password to anyone.

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