Tplink Repeater Setup

Plug-in TP-Link Extender in power outlet just near the main router to start it.

  • Now link the extender with computer by an ethernet cable.
  • Following to link the extender, press the WPS button on main Router or at Access point, and immediately press, WPS button present on Range Extender. This WPS button is normally present at backside of the device yet ma differ depending on the model of it.
  • It is important that you press the WPS button in the extender in minimum 2 minutes after pressing the main router WPS button.
  • Ensure that WPS LED of router is lit after you pressed the WPS button, and also WPS LED in the extender is lit after you pressed the WPS button.
  • In case any of the LEDs doesn’t lit, you are again required to push the button on the device.
  • Hold on for 2 minutes. The router as well as the extender required some time to setup and search exact synchronization.
  • Now verify the Signal LED of the TP-Link Range Extender. In case it is lit, you have successfully setup the extender. The LED color doesn’t vary here and also the count of signal bars.

To configure it manually

After you are linked with the TP-Link Extender on power outlet and the device, start the browser on your desktop and enter the following URL: into search bar. In case it doesn’t work, enter this URL:

  • TP-Link web page will display on the window.
  • Now select Quick Setup and tap on Next.
  • Here, select your region and tap on Next.
  • Now allow TP-Link extender scan into wireless networks. This can take few time (around 2 minutes), relying on the count of networks present around you.
  • From pile of networks available, select your wireless network and tap on Next.
  • Now, enter wireless password when system asks for it.

In case you want only one extended wireless network, tap on ‘Copy from the main router,’ in case you want to make a different network, tap
on ‘Customize.’ Then tap on Next.

  • Just verify and review network settings properly and select ‘Finish’ if you find everything is appropriate.
  • Verify the Signal LED on Extender. If it is on, you have completely setup the extender.

In case you are unable to setup your extender call us for assistance.

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