Tplink Router Password

How to change tplink router password:

To easily change the TP-LINK WiFi Password, follow the instructions below:

1.) On your mobile device, desktop, or laptop that is linked to this WiFi Network, open Google Chrome or any other browser.

2.) Go to and log in using the following credentials:

‘admin’ is the user name.

‘admin’ is the password.

If the provided credentials do not work, your TP-LINK router can be reset.

3.) After you’ve successfully logged in, you’ll see theadmin screen.

4.) Now, on the left menu section, select “Wireless” from the drop-down menu, and then select “Wireless Security” from the sub-menu.

5.) It will open the Wireless Security page on the right. Look for the “Wireless Password” field in “WPA/WPA2 – Personal(Recommended),” and make sure this option (WPA Personal) is chosen if you are using this WiFi device for personal usage. Now, in the Wireless Password area, type your new WiFi Password.

6.) After you’ve entered your new WiFi password, scroll down and click on the “Store” option to save it.

7.) Now that all of your devices linked to this WiFi network are no longer operating, you must forget the network and re-enter the new WiFi Password to reconnect to the internet.

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