Tplink Router Reset

Have you forgotten the password to your TP-Link router? Are you having trouble solving your router login issues? You can solve most of the problems of your routers with reset your router. In case you are unable to resolve the problems you are facing with your router in all the other ways, you can try to perform a router reset. But keep in mind that you will lose all the settings saved on your router after performing a reset. You can reset your router in the following two ways:

  • In order to perform a hard reset, look for the reset button on the bottom panel of your router. On the TP-Link routers, it should be a small pinhole on the back or bottom of your router.
  • Press and hold this button in order to reset this router.
  • Then press and hold the button until the power LED begins to blink.
  • Wait for the TP-Link device to reboot once you release the button.
  • All of your router’s custom settings will be erased, and factory defaults will be restored.
  • You must now completely configure the TP-Link wifi router.
  • Using, access the web-based interface of the tplink router.
  • Then, from the Settings menu, select Advanced.
  • Now go to System Tools and choose Backup and Restore from the drop-down menu.
  • To reset the router, select Factory Restore and wait for it to fully reboot.
  • Finally, configure the settings on your tplink router.

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