is the web address to access the setup page or login page of your Tplink router. is the key for TP-link router users to access. You can login, set up, or make any changes in their TP-link router with If you have a TP-Link router and you want to access the setup page. You can log in to your TP-Link router with the IP address provided for the routers i.e. When you connect the hardware of your router then simply you can open a web browser. Visit www. or simply is the other way to log in to your router. If you visit, it will redirect to the login page. On the login page, you can fill in the login credentials and access the setup page.

Let’s discuss how to log in and set up a tp-link router with

In order to log in to your router, you need to follow the steps below. You can access it and can make your desired changes to your router:

  • First of all turn on any of your devices i.e. laptop or desktop computer or tablet which is connected to the TP-Link router wired or wirelessly.
  • Launch any web browser on your device like google chrome, safari or firefox, etc.
  • In the search address bar type, the TP-Link default web address i.e. Or you can use the other way i.e. default IP address for login to the router.
  • When you hit enter, it will take you to the login page where asks to fill in the login credentials (username and password) in the login window.
  • If you are setting it up for the first time, please remember that the default username and the default password are “admin” in lower case. ( username – admin and password – admin). You can find the default login credentials i.e. default username and default password printed on the label on the back or the bottom of your router.
  • After filling in the correct username and password when you press login, it will redirect you to another page which is the admin page of your router and you have successfully login to your router.
  • On the admin page, you can configure or make any changes to your router.

How to set up your router with

If you bought a new TP-Link router, you can set it up easily with Tether app or You will be enjoying your wifi through tplink router once you finish the setup process and make it up and working. In order to setup your Tplink router with, you need to follow these simple steps:

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